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LED Lighting Updates: Ann Arbor

We Perform First-Rate LED Lighting Installation for Ann Arbor & Livingston County, MI Residences

LED lighting has come a long way in the past decade. New designs and the inclusion of smart technology has turned these energy-efficient fixtures into a must-have in any modern home or home remodeling project. Current Electrical Systems are experts in planning and installing unique and delightful fixers that remain stylish and will last for years.

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Energy Efficiency Without Sacrificing Style

It is no secret that LED fixtures are energy efficient. LEDs can use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. But LEDs can also be incorporated into new slimmer designs previously impossible due to the larger size of conventional bulbs, resulting in many more unique lighting design opportunities. Current Electrical Systems are Ann Arbor and the surrounding area's go-to professionals when homeowners are looking for a unique LED lighting installation.

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LED Lighting Upgrades Produce Less Heat, Last Longer, and Provide Better Quality Light

LED lights produce far less UV light than conventional bulbs, protecting your eyes from damage. LEDs come in a wide variety of color temperatures ranging from warm to cool and can be set on dimmer switches to set the perfect visual feel. Unlike incandescent lighting, LEDs produce very little heat and emit only 3 BTUs/hr when compared to 85 BTUs/hr for conventional fixtures and can help reduce cooling costs in the hot Summer months. You will also be replacing bulbs less often as they last 13 times longer than standard bulbs.

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