Residential Services

Current Electrical Systems can meet all of your residential electrical needs!

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Extended Warranty

Depending on where you live, your project may be eligible for a free extended warranty through IBEW Local 252. Learn more »

Electrical Safety Inspections

By making sure you have a thorough electrical inspection completed by one of Current Electrical Systems qualified electricians before buying, selling or remodeling a home, you can help ensure your home’s electrical system operates at the highest level of safety possible.

Our qualified trained technicians can provide whole house evaluation of your circuits to ensure the safe delivery of electrical current within your home.

Data  Cabling Solutions

Current Electrical Systems is available assist residential clients with data solutions for everything from new builds to remodels. Our staff have over 25 years experience in  providing the highest level of data and network design and installation services.

Code Compliance

At Current Electrical Systems, we comply with the local and national electrical codes as dictated by the National Electrical Code (NEC).  The NEC is not law, however it is the guideline that all reputed electrical companies should work under.  At Current Electrical Systems we work to these guidelines as well as State of Michigan Codes and local jurisdictions.

Some electric code requirements of interest include:

General Rooms
  • There should be wall receptacles every 12 feet.
  • Receptacles should be on any wall space that is more than 24 inches wide.
  • Hallways more than 10 feet in length must have at least one receptacle.
  • All countertops receptacles must be Ground Fault Current Interrupter. (Commonly called GFI’s)
  • There can be no receptacles more than 20 inches above countertops. (Exceptions are for the physically handicapped and for islands or peninsulas where this is not possible).
  • There should be receptacles above all countertops that are 12 inches or wider.
  • At least one receptacle should be located on islands or peninsulas.
  • No receptacles face-up on countertops.
  • Ground Fault Current Interrupter (GFI’s) receptacles in are the only type allowed in bathrooms.
  • There must be a receptacle within 3 feet of the outside edge of sink basin.
  • No receptacles face-up on countertops.
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