Generators/Standby Power

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What is a Generator?

Generators are standby devices which can supply electricity to your home during power outages. During a power outage, it allows you to continue to operate essential appliances such as refrigerators, computers, heating and cooling systems and lighting and sump pumps.

Choosing a generator

There are two types of generators used in homes, portable or stationary. They are fueled by several means, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane and oil. Natural gas, with its constantly available supply, tends to be the more reliable for stationary models.

The main differences between stationary and portable models are in their connection and activation. A Stationary unit is waiting in a standby mode.  It is connected using a standby power backup device.  A portable unit has to be moved to the location, fueled up and connected when needed.

Our technicians can assist you when making the hard decision when choosing which type of generator best meets your needs.  Things to consider would be are you looking to supply power to the entire house or just some areas.    Make a list of the equipment you want to power in case of a power failure: appliances, lamps, furnace blower motor and the like. Compare the total wattage of the equipment to the total wattage output rating of the generator and do not exceed it.

Standby Power Backup Device

A standby power backup device connects to the house wiring through a transfer switch. The transfer switch prevents ‘back feeding’ into utility lines. It also protects the device from damage caused by the utility company applying voltage to your house wiring while it is operating. These switches can either be automatic or manual and should be rated to carry the larger of the maximum load of the residence or the full output of the generator.

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Extended Warranty

Depending on where you live, your project may be eligible for a free extended warranty through IBEW Local 252. Learn more »

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