Lighting and Fans

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Residential Lighting

Current Electrical Systems specializes in the installation of residential lighting.  We will work with you to create a practical and aesthetically pleasing lighting package for your home.

Household lighting represents a major component of energy consumption, however with modern advancements in lighting CES can assist you in finding the right lights for you and save you money.

It is imperative that proper residential lighting installation be conducted to save you money and conserve natural resources at the same time. At Current Electrical Systems we will work closely with you to create your ideal lighting solution. All lighting systems can be fully automated and easily maintained.  We can install recessed, under cabinet, art lighting, pendant lighting, track lighting, up and down lighting, niche lighting, chandelier, sconce and alcove lighting.   Most of these fixtures now come in energy efficient LED options.

Want Home Security or to light up a place to shoot some hoops? We can install Exterior Lighting.

Creating a well-lit area during the hours of night will go a long way to deter and help keep intruders away. Brightness and responsiveness are two of the most important characteristics to look for in outdoor security lights.  Alternatively, do you want a softer light to create a perfect environment to sit and enjoy evenings.  Subtle mood lighting or garden accent lighting.  Exterior lighting is decorative, used to illuminate walkways, plants, shrubs and trees and provide ambience to a yard. Some of the exterior lighting solutions we offer include; flood lights, security lighting, post lights, porch and coach lighting.

Ceiling Fans

Would you like more air flow in your home, both in Summer and Winter months ? A ceiling fan can be a great way to move the air around your house.

Thanks to modern advancements in ceiling fans, there are now multiple options for you to choose from when selecting your next ceiling fan. Some include, Direct-drive Ceiling Fans (Standard type you would find in most homes), Belt Driven Ceiling fans—from the bygone era and now more or an accent piece however still operational today—or the most recent break through in ceiling fan technology, the Stack-Motor Ceiling Fans.  SMCF utilizes a powerful, energy efficient motor which ultimately saves you money in the long run and can be cheaper than running air-conditioning.

Our CES electricians are masters at installing ceiling fans. Not all fans are able to be mounted to all types of ceilings, and not all can be mounted to angled or cathedral ceiling without an added bracket or use of a down-rod extension.  Our technicians will know how to access the fan to the ceiling to make the right installation for you.

Extended Warranty

Depending on where you live, your project may be eligible for a free extended warranty through IBEW Local 252. Learn more »

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