Residential Surge Protectors

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The Need for Surge Protection

There are two types of surges, internal and external surges.

Internal surges can occur when devices with motors shut off. The energy these devices were consuming is suddenly redirected elsewhere in the form of excess voltage.

External surges can occur when the power company switches power from one geographic area to another to meet demand or thunderstorms and lightening are the most dramatic and destructive causes of power line problems and electric surges.

Surge Protection Devices

There are two basic types of electric surge protection: point of use and whole house.

Point of use surge protectors are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment and major appliances in the home at their electric source. Point of use suppressors are usually devices that plug into the wall outlet.

A whole-house surge protector is designed to protect your home against surges that enter through the home’s electric supply but does not protect from surges created internally in the home. Whole house protectors are devices that are installed at the meter or electrical panel.

In both cases, the surge protectors create a barrier to block surges before they destroy or damage your appliances or home circuitry.

Current Electrical Systems can supply both options for your needs and for a relatively low cost, relative to what you can protect.

Extended Warranty

Depending on where you live, your project may be eligible for a free extended warranty through IBEW Local 252. Learn more ยป

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