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7 Smart Ways to Cut Costs on a New Generator

Residential standby generator

Procuring a generator is a wise choice because it provides an uninterrupted supply of power during outages; however, buying a generator can be a tremendous expense. There are some practical steps you can take to save money when getting a new generator without sacrificing performance and quality. 1. Take Note of Your Power Needs The […]

Tips for Lowering Generator Energy Consumption

Residential house natural gas backup generator.

With the cost of living on the rise, many consumers are looking for ways to economize. One hot topic is saving on energy bills. While much of the conversation centers around electrical consumption as it pertains to a utility provider, generators are now receiving more attention. Since the cost of fuel has gone up, those […]

How an Electrical Panel Upgrade Can Help You Save on Energy Bills

Old electrical panel against a brick wall

The modern lifestyle has made living more energy-intensive than ever before. Every home and business has a variety of electrical devices that require power to operate from computers and televisions to microwaves and light bulbs. High electricity usage and several other factors can lead to a significantly high energy bill. An electrical panel upgrade may […]