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6 Fascinating Generator Facts to Spark Your Curiosity

Residential standby generator

Electric generators are modern marvels, though they date back to the 1800s. British scientist and chemist Michael Faraday built the first electric motor in 1821; shortly after, he discovered that an electric motor produces a magnetic field. The rest, as they say, is history. Faraday laid the framework for an electric revolution that would change […]

The Effects Residential Lighting Has on Your Mood

Loft style light bulbs glowing in the dark near window. Warm light. Coffee shop interior.

When we think about creating a comfortable and inviting home environment, factors like furniture, color schemes, and decor often come to mind. However, one often overlooked aspect is residential lighting. Lighting goes beyond its function; it significantly impacts our mood and overall well-being. From natural light to artificial fixtures, how we illuminate our living spaces […]