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What Are Some Creative Ways to Use a Generator?

Residential standby generator

Although a perfect solution for powering your home during an outage, there are other ways a generator can make life easier. In many cases, a generator is exactly what you need for providing extra power in spots where doing so is tricky. These unique uses for power generators will give you some great ideas. Host […]

Pros and Cons of Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Small Solar Garden Light

Low-voltage lighting is a wonderful tool for adding safety to your yard, pathways, and pool. Even simple solar lights can make staying on a sidewalk or following a pathway easier. However, any outdoor lighting plan has pros and cons. Pro: There Is Inherent Safety in Low-Voltage Lighting Low voltage lighting runs on 12 or 24 […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Basics of EV Charger Technology

Electric car plugged into charger

Along with the increase in popularity of electric vehicles is the infrastructure to support them, with EV charger technology playing a pivotal role. Whether you currently own an electric vehicle or are considering switching to one, mastering the basics of EV charging technology is essential. Types of EV Chargers There are a variety of EV […]