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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy cookouts and hanging out around the pool. However, with all this fun comes the need to make sure your electrical system is up to the task.

Air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and pool filters can put a lot of stress on your electrical system during the summer. Discovering more about the solutions available makes it easier to have a disaster-free summer.

Consider a Sub-Panel for Your Pool

Your electrical panel can quickly become overloaded if you have an older home. If you have an above-ground pool, your electrical panel can become overloaded, potentially causing a fire. Reliable electricity is essential for keeping your pool in working order all summer.

A sub-panel connected to your central unit can ease some of this load. This option works best when used for a single amenity. In many cases, this is the most economical option for using a pool and protecting your electrical panel.

Check Out Your Circuits

Checking out your wiring and circuits can keep everyone safer. There might be overheating or other damage if you notice any burning smells or discoloration on your electrical panel. If either issue exists, contacting an electrician as soon as possible is a good idea. Testing your circuit breakers for proper tripping is also wise. If there are breaker issues, contact any electrician about replacement immediately.

Keep the Air Circulating

A fan near your electrical panel can keep things cool. Better air circulation can help keep the panel from overheating, which prevents fires. The size of the electrical panel and surrounding space will determine what size fan is appropriate. A desk fan might be more suitable for a small space, while a ceiling fan might be the better option for larger spaces.

Get Dirt and Debris Away From the Panel

Debris and dirt can accumulate around your panel when the weather is windy. Besides being an inconvenience, these conditions can make your panel overheat. Dusting and vacuuming this area can keep it as debris-free as possible. Compressed air is an effective way to remove dirt and other debris without touching the panel.

Use Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are an excellent safeguard against storm-related power surges. Some of the most damaging power surges happen because of lightning strikes. Surge protectors work by diverting excessive voltage from your panel so you don’t encounter overheating and damage. Using surge protectors for devices like computers and TVs adds extra protection from harm.

When you need electric panel service, feel free to contact Current Electrical Systems in Ann Arbor, MI.

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