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When flickering lights or frequently tripped circuit breakers start plaguing your household, it’s time to call your favorite electrician from Current Electrical Systems for an electrical panel upgrade in Ann Arbor. Burning smells, persistent shocks, or humming sounds coming from your breaker box are also bad signs that something is wrong with your electrical panel, and it likely needs a replacement. A professional electrician is trained to spot the warning signs and safely solve your electrical problems, so you can get back to relaxing in your own home.

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Electrical Panel FAQs

Our customers often ask these common questions about electrical panel replacements in Ann Arbor, MI.

What is an electrical panel?

An electrical panel is a metal box built into the wall that can be used to control the electricity in different parts of your home. It is also often called the breaker box or the fuse box. A breaker box contains “breakers,” or switches that allow you to manually turn on and off the electricity in separate parts of your home. There is usually a main breaker switch which controls the whole panel.

How often do I need to upgrade my electrical panel?

A typical electrical panel needs to be upgraded every 25 to 30 years. If a panel becomes outdated, there is an increased risk of electrical fires or electrocution due to a faulty electrical system, so it is highly recommended to replace your electrical panel on a regular basis.

Why should I upgrade my electrical panel?

An old or faulty electrical panel may cause fires or in some cases, electrocution. A broken or poorly wired electrical panel may also be generally dangerous for your family, as it may cause sparks near outlets, frequent shocks, etc.

You will also want an electrical panel replacement in Ann Arbor if it is not up to your current power standards. An older breaker box may not have the power capacity needed to handle the number of electronics and appliances you currently have installed in your home. An upgraded panel will keep your appliances in better condition, improve the way your house’s electrical system runs, and ensure that your circuits do not overload.

How many electrical service amps do I need?

Some homes in Greater Ann Arbor, MI may only have electrical panels with 100 amps installed. While this may be fine for a small home or someone who does not have much in the way of electronics, it will be limiting for others. 200 amps is the new standard for electrical panels, and this upgraded amperage allows Michigan residents to adjust their electrical usage over time to meet changing needs.

What are the signs that my electrical panel needs to be replaced?

You know electrical panels need to be upgraded every 25 to 30 years, but should they ever be replaced sooner? The answer is yes. Below are the warning signs that you should call an electrician immediately for an electrical panel replacement in Ann Arbor:
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