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Charge Your Electric Vehicle at Home

How often do you need to go out of your way to charge your electric vehicle? If you don’t have an EV charger at home, then the answer is likely too frequently. Purchasing an EV is a big commitment, and while public charging stations are still expanding, it is comforting to know that you will be able to return home and fully charge your car within two to four hours with an at-home charger. Current Electrical Systems are the expert electricians you need to perform an EV charger installation in Ann Arbor, MI.

We take your needs seriously, and we know our way around electrical systems. With 30 years of experience and a history of great customer service, the electricians at Current Electrical Systems are the ones you should call when you have questions about a new electric vehicle installation in Ann Arbor. We’ll help you choose which charger best suits your needs, then prepare you for the installation process.

Why Install a Residential EV Charger

Your electric vehicle does come with a Level 1 charger that can be plugged into a standard outlet. But, many of our customers do not find this type of charger sufficient in Greater Ann Arbor because it takes 22 hours to reach a full charge. If you have a long commute or frequently drive more than 40 miles a day, you’ll want to work with an electrician to install a Level 2 charger in your home.

Here are some additional reasons to install a residential EV charger:

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Cost savings

While installing a charger is an upfront investment, you will quickly recoup the cost. Public EV chargers in downtown Ann Arbor now cost money to use, and it’s getting harder to find free charging stations in Michigan. If you install an electric vehicle charger at home, the state of MI and individual electric companies offer rebates and discounts, depending on the type of charger and hours of use. Many find it more economical to simply have a home EV charger installation in Ann Arbor.

More time at home

Level 2 chargers are some of the most common chargers available publicly, unless you can use Tesla Superchargers or get lucky enough to find a DC fast charger. Level 2 chargers take two to four hours to charge your EV on average. Now, if your Greater Ann Arbor workplace has electric vehicle chargers, this might be fine, since you can let your car charge while you work. Otherwise, you may have to spend a substantial amount of time waiting in public for your car to charge up. An at-home EV charger solves this problem completely by giving you the freedom to charge your car while you sleep.

Peace of mind

Take a deep breath, and know you will never run out of charge with a residential EV charger. You don’t have to leave the house worrying about whether or not you’ll get to the electric vehicle parking spaces before someone else. You won’t need to look up where the nearest public charging station is in Southeast Michigan. You can start every day with a full charge, satisfied that it will take you where you want to go.

Enables longer commutes

Driving cars is embedded in our culture in Southeast Michigan. It’s hard to get to most places without driving. If your long commute has stopped you from getting an EV in the past, don’t let it keep you from switching to electric now. A residential charger will give you the full range of your EV, which in most cases is anywhere between 100 and 400 miles. You may even be able to take short weekend trips without having to charge up, depending on how far you go.

Higher home value

Michigan is adopting EVs at a rapid rate, and in Greater Ann Arbor, it may soon be an expectation that houses include an EV charger. It’s certainly an advantage to have a built-in charger if you plan to sell, and your home will likely increase in value with the installation.

Do we have you convinced? Give the electricians at Current Electrical Systems a call for more information about certified EV charger installation in Ann Arbor. Get a free estimate when you call (734) 212-8867 today!