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Current Electrical Systems Delivers Superior Lighting Services

Your home’s lighting is personal. The way you set it up can impact your mood, your ability to get things done, and how comfortable you are spending time in each room of your house. That’s why it’s important to create a lighting plan and get your Ann Arbor lighting installation right the first time, whether you’re moving into a new space or remodeling your current home.

At Current Electrical Systems, we know how to build a lighting plan from scratch to suit your individualized electrical needs. Want to install recessed lighting or a chandelier? We’ve got the skills to help you. Maybe you’re ready to purchase the spa or hot tub of your dreams; our electricians have experience with unique, personalized electrical installations like these. Plus, we’re well-versed in LED lighting, so we’ll help you take your indoor lighting to new energy-efficient heights with our lighting services in Ann Arbor, MI.

LED Lighting Installation

You’ve likely heard of LED lights, but do you know about how they’ve changed over the years? LED lighting is now nearly ubiquitous, which makes it easier than ever to find fixtures made for LEDs that match style with function. At Current Electrical Systems, we make it a point to stay on top of LED installation trends, so we know the best way to layout your lighting and create an efficient flow within each indoor space.

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Energy Efficiency Looks Better Than Ever

LEDs now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, they are often more slender than incandescent light bulbs, so they can be used to create unparalleled lighting displays that stand out in your space. But, of course, if you prefer a subdued look, there are plenty of LED fixtures that blend into the background and efficiently light your Ann Arbor home.

Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting installations have a number of advantages over traditional incandescent lights. Here are just a few:
Most Ann Arbor lighting installations are transitioning to LED bulbs because of the above benefits. If you’re looking for cost and energy savings, as well as attractive, useful lighting, the electricians at Current Electrical Systems can help you make the switch to LED lights throughout any space in your home.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

If you need outdoor lighting services in Ann Arbor, you’ve come to the right place! Your home is not complete without outdoor lighting. The proper lighting on your deck or patio makes it safe and enjoyable to spend time outside during the summer months. And what about when it starts to get dark earlier, and you and your guests still need to navigate your driveway and walkways? Current Electrical Systems knows exactly how to brighten your home’s exterior.

Landscape and Pool Lighting

We also specialize in landscape and pool lighting installations in Ann Arbor. Tell us about your dream outdoor lighting set-up, and we will work with you to realize it. Highlight lawn features like plants, trees, or fountains that used to fade into the background after sunset. Or, set up your pool or hot tub for nighttime use with strategically placed safety lights.

Security Lighting Installation

Peace of mind is crucial when you’re planning out lighting for your house. Hire Current Electrical Systems to ensure your house is secure, so you can relax. In addition to wiring security systems and cameras, we will install security lights on your house’s exterior. Security lights are often motion activated flood lights strategically placed to turn on whenever someone approaches. They may scare away intruders or alert you to their presence if you are at home.

Current Electrical Systems are the top experts in lighting services in Ann Arbor, MI. So, why don’t you give us a call for a free estimate at (734) 212-8867? Our electricians are ready to answer your questions and build a lighting plan to meet your residential or commercial lighting needs.